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Excellent article on a blog post about the correlation between knitting & math/other geeky stuff:

Here's a quote from the beginning:

"I wouldn’t say there’s any craft that doesn’t have some geek constituency, but there’s a real affinity between geeks and knitting. As mentioned here earlier, knitting just feels good; but it also has all kinds of interestingly technical variations: Aran cables, lace knitting, fairisle, plus purely knitterly jollifications like knitting two socks simultaneously, one inside the other, on a single set of needles, so that when you’re done you pull them apart and there’s your pair. (Why do it that way? Because it’s cool.) It also has an attractive deep structural logic based on geometry and proportion, pattern and shape and iterative processes. I’m not explaining this very well, but the way I understand knitting feels like the way I understand the internal structure of manuscripts, and the morphology and underlying interrelatedness of plants."

I have always been struck by the similarity of structure between a pattern and a computer program. Both call functions (list materials), create loops that are repeated til a certain condition is met, and are based on a binary system whether it be 0's & 1's or knits & purls. Guess I'm not as crazy as I thought I was.


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