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May 21, 2005



That is beautiful! I hope you'll continue to write more stories like that. You could fill a book! :)

Helen in NH

Beth, I have shivvvvers up and down my spine. This is an AMAZING story. Get it off the blog RIGHT THIS MINUTE and get it over to Linda Roghar for the next KnitLit.
I mean it.
Do it.



That reads like the start of Something Wonderful. :-)

Lisa S

Lovely. Thank you for finding it and putting it here for us to enjoy, oh talented one. Something in the air, up there in the beautful tippy top of Maine? History, I imagine. Being a 3rd generation Californian, history and stories in general take on a whole other dimension...short. :o) Thanks to Helen in NH for dragging me over here. Huzzah.

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