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May 25, 2005



Nothing like the gift of a free pattern to brighten up a soggy day. THANK you Beth !!

Terry Erwin

Hi Beth, The scarf is beautiful! Great job on the Melena. I'm glad you like it. Our web page address is www.thepurledllama.com , it's still a work in progress, but still viewable. Thanks. Terry

Beth Collins

Hi Terry! Thanks for the link! I'll edit my post right away -- I want lots of people to see The Purled Llama's beautiful yarns. :)


Thanks for the scarf pattern! . . . also loved looking at the pix of Camden -- I spent a year living in Lincolnville and we hung out in Camden as often as we could, the "theatre in the round" was one of my faves!
AnDy in Maine


I absolutely LOVE this pattern. It works up quickly, and it looks so nice!

Beth PFLAGfostermom

Thanks for the pattern. I've finished the scarf and posted a photo.



how many skeins did you use?


nevermind sorry im blind in one eye i didnt see it

Beth Collins

No problem :) Happy knitting :)

Bonnie Lingard

I absolutely LOVE this pattern!!! Thank you so much for your generosity and sharing it with fellow knitters. Peace, Bonnie

Beth Collins

Sure thing Bonnie! Happy knitting :) Beth

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