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June 24, 2005


Helen in NH

Y'know what? YEARS ago I put aside a pattern for a bag something like this and from time to time I've wondered where I put it. This is the perfect take-along project.
You're a whiz.
Thanks Beth!!


Thanks for the pattern!!


I am behind on posts! The bag looks even better in person BTW. :-)


Very cool! This is exactly what I've been looking for. :-)

linda clayman

I need help. For the body of the bag, rows 17 and 18. are there 2 yo's from round 18 back to round 17.
Somebody, please tell me.


Linda, it sounds like you might have the wrong number of stitches, making the yo's come out in the wrong place. The stitch pattern will work out okay as long as you have an even number of stitches; if you have an odd number, it won't work.

Scott Mcthompson

I'm having the same issue that linda mentioned. I have an even number of stitches. Row 18 ends with a YO, and 17 starts with a YO. Is there something we are missing here? It seems like maybe there should be a row 19? Are there now plain knit rows while working the YO's and K2togs?


I'm having the same problem as linda and scott. perhaps we're supposed to leave out the last YO? or just put two YOs beside each other?


I did it with two YOs beside each other and it worked. thanks!


Beth, I have such a basic question I am embarassed--- but I'll ask anyway.

At the very beginning of the bag, after casting on 9 stitches, divided on 3 dbl pointed needles, you say simply "Join".

How do I join?


I'm having the same issue with the two YOs next to each other. It leaves a larger hole than the rest of the bag and since they are all in one vertical line it is very apparent that there is a "problem" there. Has anyone found a solution to this?

Astrid af Klinteberg

This is such a great bag. I've made 3 or 4 in the last month; two for "under 4s" for beach toys (they both loved them). I used a bar increase (i.e., to the front and back of the stitch) on the bottom of the bag, which solved the problem of having to close up the 'yarn over holes'. I'm also thinking of doing the bag in fishing net twine for super durability. Thanks so much for the great pattern!

Beth Collins

Thanks so much Astrid :) Glad you enjoy the pattern!


I just started this bag and everything seems to be going okay. I found when you start a new round (where the two yo's are together) if you pull your first stitch (and maybe even your second) really tight then the holes left behind from the pattern aren't nearly as big and barely noticable. The solution is very similar to eliminating the "run" (where you switch needles) when you knit on double pointed needles. The first stitch and sometimes even the second stitch need to be pulled REALLY tight. This way the stitches aren't sagging and it doesn't create a large hole. It will blend right in. Looking forward to finishing and using this bag. It's turning out beautifully!!

Mary Kate

I just finished making this bag. It is great, and I especially love the handles. Concerning the two side-by-side YOs, I ended up just ditching the stitch marker and not worrying about rounds--just alternate YOs and K2tog until it's as big as you want it. I did try to end it at the end of a round, but with something as "unformed" as this, it really didn't matter. Great pattern, thanks!

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Actually, you could make this bag big enough to carry laundry or beach stuff in, if you wanted. Just make the base larger (you would knit 12 more rounds plain after Round 12, increase by yarn-overing every other stitch, knit another 24 rounds, then do the increase round again -- that would make it plenty big

Heather @ Significantly Simple

Great bag and tutorial! We have featured it on our blog:


(I've also emailed you, just in case!) :)

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