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Google Page Creator

I love new toys. Google can always be counted on to provide them for me (God bless 'em!). So a couple months ago (maybe more, maybe less) when I heard about the new fun thing Google was offering I signed up for the beta. If you are interested, you can take a look (click here). Be forewarned that it is only available for PC's. Mac owners will have to wait a while. And don't flame me; I write this blog everyday on my cute lil' iBook running Mac OS X. I just happen to have a few computers around the house, including some PC's.

Google's new toy is called "Google Page Creator" and it will bring web page creation to the masses, apparently for free. The free part sounds a little too good to be true, so I don't know how long that will last, but for now it is great. They're only inviting a few people at a time (people who have gmail accounts) to come use the Google page creator, but eventually it will be available for anyone to use -- at least, that's the idea. I feel very lucky that I was invited to play with this fun new toy early on.

Basically, all you have to do is type and click buttons, and voila! A web page springs to life! I spent a little while this morning playing around with it. Funny, how fate provides with what you need just when you need it, sometimes. Just yesterday I pored over the problem of the free patterns here on my blog; when I only had two or three free patterns, readers could just click on the "Free Patterns" category link in the left sidebar, and go to the patterns. It was easy to scroll down a little to browse the two or three patterns. Now that I have six free patterns, it's not as happy an experience. Eventually, I will have even more free patterns here. I wanted to create a separate page or set of pages, listing the patterns by title so that visitors could simply click on the pattern they wanted and go to it, without having to scroll forever through other stuff they don't want.

Then, today in my morning email was the invite from Google Page Creator, opening a door to solve my problem. So here it is: the new & improved Unique One Free Patterns web site. (Enjoy!!)


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