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May 01, 2006



Awww...shucks... [Stacy blushes]
I did have a blog for a few weeks, but I felt so uncomfortably self-conscious every time I posted that I gave it up. Perhaps I get all the self expression I need by writing on the bathroom wall at work!
By the way, you missed quite an opportunity to up your search engine stats when you neglected to mention Camilla the Hen's breed. I think your mind must reside further from the gutter than mine.


Pandora rocks!!! Thanks for the link. I'm really enjoying it.

Beth Collins

Stacy: I didn't know you had a blog!! You must keep posting! and tell me how to get to it. :) And re: Camilla the Hen's Black Sex Link breed raising my standings in Google searches? What can I say... where would I be without friends like you looking after me. :) :)

Tracy: So glad to see another Pandora addict! I'd love you to email me your station. :D

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