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May 23, 2006



I love this site! You're the most fun blogger, ever!! How did you get your sheep to leave that page? Mine wouldn't copy. Oh, I also have OSX and Safari, and I could email mine.


Debbie -- glad you enjoyed the Sheep Market!

How I copied the sheep: after it was drawn in the box at the top of the page, I took a screen shot of it (command+shift+4, select what you want, and the Mac snaps a photo of it).

Also, when I went back later, it did let me send a sheep. I shortly got an email from The Sheep Market, with the subject line "Baa" -- loved it.


That is a very fun little site! Too bad you can't have more than one at a time.

your own virtual little flock. heh heh heh



Susan! Great to see you here! I loved this little site too. Now, if they'd just do one with penguins......


Hi Beth,

My sheep #8892 (aka Rosco) would like to send his best to #8655.

You could do a similar thing with penguins using Amazon's Mechanical Turk HIT wizard web service.

p.s. I love the moisturizing sock yarn I got from you in March.

Beth Collins

Ooooh, Sarah, 8892 is adorable! 8655 is very happy to call Rosco a friend. :)

I'm afraid Amazon's Mechanical Turk's service would require me to pay people to draw the little buggers, so I guess there won't be any penquins. Oh well.

Glad you like the sock yarn! I like it too!

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