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The First Ever Isaac Evans June Knitting Cruise!


Where to begin.... to say that the knitting cruise was wonderful, or great, or fun, or anything you like, could never sum it up. Just imagine the most fun three days in the whole world. That would pretty much do it, except it was more fun than that!

For one thing, we not only had perfect weather, it was the first beautiful, sunny stretch of days we've had all together like that since about April. Believe me, we enjoyed it thoroughly! And not only was it sunny and warm, but there was a good stiff breeze most of the time, all weekend long, so we had wonderful sailing as well! It was actually hard for people to knit, because there was so much else to enjoy, too: lovely sunshine, beautiful scenery, wildlife spottings, unbelievably delicious (and constant!) food; great company -- this was a thoroughly enjoyable group of interesting, friendly, wonderful passengers. I just had the best time. I will be re-living this knitting cruise for many days, in my mind.

And I get to go back in September and do it again! Yahoooo!

We set off on Thursday, and had excellent sailing all day. There were really interesting people to talk to on board, including a professional juggler, Steve; Mie, his wife, who is from Japan; Helen and Rachel, who just finished up the Appalachian Trail recently and who are already planning their next trip, to Antarctica; Dossie, a dear friend of mine for many years who came all the way from Montana for the cruise; Kim and Kari, excellent sailors and wonderful writers, artists, and musicians; and Sally and Ann and Cindy, well-loved Unique One customers! It was a great group.

Thursday night we had a lobster bake on Wreck Island -- a wonderful place for a lobster bake, because there are many large rocks to sit on and one large, flat rock that makes the perfect table; a river otter joined us for dinner and provided entertainment.

Friday was another gorgeous day and we had excellent sailing all day long. I greatly enjoyed looking at everyone's knitting and helping them out with knitting questions here and there. Kim learned to knit socks on two circular needles; Ann learned how to knit a short-row heel on a sock; Mie began knitting a scarf (and she's a great knitter -- had the scarf pretty much done by the end of the cruise, and such beautiful, even knitting, too!). Sally was knitting a really pretty cabled scarf out of Blue Sky Alpaca's Organic Cotton -- it felt lovely. There were many projects on the go. Everyone brought more than one thing to work on, you know how knitters are! We just had a great time knitting and talking and eating and sailing and letting the wind blow through our hair. We anchored in Bartlett Cove and enjoyed a magnificent sunset. Scotch was opened and consumed (in moderation, of course); conversation flowed and riddles were asked. Each night of the cruise, Kari played beautifully on her Native American flutes. It was such beautiful, haunting music!

Saturday we were all very sad to have to head back to Rockland, but we did, despite seriously considering hijacking the boat. But, Brenda had a hair appointment at 11:30, so we had to go back. Dang. There is already a plan to make the June cruise a four-day-er next year. It was so much fun!

I put pictures of the cruise in a Picture Trail album (click here to see the pictures). I didn't use the TypePad photo album feature because it is just way tooo screwed up. The Picture Trail site offers much more control over the photo album. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

And finally, here's a riddle that Capt. Brenda asked us -- and it took me 15 hours and a bit 'o Scotch to figure out the answer, too:

What is greater than God,
More evil than Satan?
Poor people have it,
Rich people need it.
If you eat it, you will die!

Do you know the answer?




Sign me up! I want to go next time. It appears that you've had yet another wonderful few days, you lucky, lucky girl!

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