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Felted Fortune Cookies

My dear friend Tracy the TB (Tragically Blogless) sent me this link to Felted Fortune Cookies!!! It is so cool! And from the standpoint of a person who teaches knitting, this would be the perfect little project to teach short rows and short row shaping.. or if you want to learn how to do short rows, this little project is just the ticket! Not only do you use short rows in this project, but you also can use up all those little bits of scrap yarn (as long as it will felt, so that excludes acrylic blends, superwash wool, or anything machine washable.) I love this idea! Felted fortune cookies would also make a great gift any time of year... fill them with little gift certificates for babysitting (so your friends can go to knitting circle), for house cleaning (so the recipient can knit longer), for whatever little thing your heart desires ;) ... Geez, I bet you could even turn them into catnip cat toys..... how cool would that be, to give felted fortune cookies catnip toys to a person who has a Siamese cat, heh heh. That would be cool. Hmmm. Now I want some lo mein .....





oooh I am going to have to whip up some of those on my knitting loom!!! Mwah hahaha!
I can do anything you can do on needles!! hehehhe
Too cute!
Oooh and someone just bought the kitchen sink!! bump that link up we are getting some action!


Thanks to Tracy for finding the pattern and for you for sharing it with us. I see baby gifts holding best wishes and maybe future teeth for the Tooth Fairy!

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