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I got an interesting email today from a young man who is trying to start an unusual art project inspired by the Million Dollar Homepage. Here's a quote:

I'm a 23 year old grad student at NYU. Recently, my friends and I came
up with a novel idea -- part art project, part internet madness. It's
called THE WALL. You can check it out at .

At first I thought it was just another spam email -- my post on the MDH attracts a lot of spam in the comments -- which, by the way, I kindly weed out for you :) -- but this email was too sincere-sounding. Like maybe, someone had really written it as a note to *me*. Hmm.

So I went to the site, and clicked on "What in the World is the Wall?" with strains of Pink Floyd floating through my mind as the page loaded. Needless to say, the concept is intriguing. In this project, a large work of art will be built and put on display in NYC; the intriguing part is that YOU get to make the art that the big work of art is created from. In a way it reminded me of The Sheep Market, that sheep thing from a while back, where people drew little pictures of sheep and then they all were put together on one web page.... remember that? I liked that idea, too. ;)

The Wall is both a web page and a physical work of art. Basically, people get blocks and put artwork on them. These show up on the web site page only, at first....later, a large wall of displays will be built and the wall with its artwork will start to grow. People who view the artwork and the webpage will be able to click to the art-creator's webpage. You could use it for advertising... or you could just share your favorite poetry... or, the masterpieces you've been knittng! Or sketches of what you have been designing! Or charts for fair isle knitting! For the moment, as the project is only in stage one, the blocks are, apparently, free. (But not for long, I suspect; get your butt over there and grab a block right now, if you want to be part of this thing and don't want to have to pay for the chance!) In the second stage, blocks will cost $10. Once enough money has been raised, stage three will have been achieved and at that point blocks will cost $20. Let me just say, that's a pretty good deal, if you use it for any kind of advertising; my pixels on the MDH cost $100. The Pixelotto pixels cost twice that! Even at $20, it's a good deal for advertising your business or your artwork... IF and I must repeat IF the site really takes off and gets any amount of media attention. :)

But hey, I'm talking about it here, right now. And if 10 other bloggers also talk about it, and each of them has 10 readers who mention it on their blogs, and so on and so on... you know the drill.

Here's a bit from the See the Wall website about "Why Should I Buy a Block on the Wall?":

Here's what you are getting as far as I can see:
  • Being a part of something totally new and exciting.
  • The more people see the wall, the more people will catch a glimpse of YOUR stuff.
  • If they're online , they can click a link and go see your website. Then they're your audience.
What can you really put on the wall? Anything you like. Hopefully something eye-catching and interesting. As long as it's not profane -- this is a work of art which I will be showing in New York City, so I have to keep things clean!

Also... $1 from every block sold will be donated to charity, and you even get to participate in deciding what charity to support.. there is a poll to see what charity should get the money.

This is an interesting project... I will be watching it to see how Greg does with it. I like the idea of many people contributing to make a larger whole.


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