Spin or Dye!
TNNA Show January 2007 Day 1

Fun with Comics


Heh, heh... now I just need to get a picture of Xena, Terrier Princess... of course I might need to use a macro lense, she's so little.... :)

Next time you stop by Unique One, you just might have the extreme pleasure of meeting one of our furry girls, Tess (above) or Xena (yet to be photographed). Make sure you bring treats! (Grace and Victoria do not feed them enough.)



They get fed plenty!


Do they like to go for walks? I will gladly take them out for one of my walks when I am up there for the March weekend.

When I dogsit my SIL's dog, we take him to the coffee shop. Everyone in town is getting to know him.

I am sure your dogs are the same, known by everyone.

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