Saturday in the Park with Sock
OMG I finished something!

I'm in :)


Wooohooo! I got into Ravelry! Yay! My username there is "unique1". I wanted to have "yarndemon" but somebody already had it. I wonder if she ever gets mistaken for me? heh heh. Poor thing.

Unfortunately I might not have time to actually *put* anything there until this weekend :( But it will be another fabulous time-waster of the internet kind, for a while, anyway!! I filled out my profile, or at least I thought I did, but for some reason it didn't take. I guess that is why it is still beta, eh? Oh well. I will re-do it later. I also put in my first project listing, but somehow managed to make it an "Ugh!" project, when in fact it is actually a fabulous, beautiful (to me) project, so I deleted it and I will start over. See? Already wasting time. [face-slapping mode ON]

Have a great day .... ;)



congratulations on getting into ravelry!


Thanks marti! I now have to finish my profile and master the skill of uploading pictures. :)

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