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Go Fish! or, Do You Have......

Hi everyone :)

I figured I would take advantage of my readership's size and tendency to ummmm "accumulate" yarn in their stashes to see if something I need might be out there.

I need about 2 pounds (2 cones) of Jaggerspun Heather wool yarn, 3/8 weight, color Amethyst. It is for a special order sweater I am making for a customer, and time is kinda critical. Usually I would be able to order this color directly from Jaggerspun, but this particular color is back-ordered for a while and I need it sooner than it will be available. I have also already called around to my likely suspects of fellow yarn sellers/users, but no one has it. Therefore, I'm appealing to the only other group I know that might have hidden somewhere in its collective stash, to see if anyone has this.

If you have it OR if you know of any person, fiber artist, or business who might possibly have it in their stash or inventory, please call me at Unique One toll free, 1-888-691-8358; or email me at info [at] uniqueone [dot]com. I would be happy to purchase the yarn from you.

Thanks so much :)


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