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Cast Off / Bind Off techniques

Ya gotta love the internet. How did we ever live without YouTube???

While I was out on the last knitting cruise, a wonderful knitter named Patti showed a bunch of us how she does a sewn bind off. I had heard of it but had never done it, so I was pleased as punch to see how to do it. Patti finished a wonderful pair of toe-up socks with this technique, and it makes a lovely stretchy edge that looks like a cable cast on in appearance.

So while I was flitting through YouTube looking for interesting videos (well, CAT videos), I did a search for "knitting" just for fun, found a jillion knitting videos, and narrowed it down to cast off/bind off techniques, and there was not only a video of what Patti showed us, but also a bunch of videos showing other bind off techniques I have never even heard of, much less done. So I learned a lot, and I figured you might want to learn a lot too, so to save you time, I have listed the video links below. Go grab some scrap yarn and needles, cast on some stitches, knit a few rows, and try out these different techniques:

Sewn Bind Off like I saw on the knitting cruise

Another sewn bind off

An unusual Double Wrapped Cast Off

Icelandic Bind Off demonstration

Russian Bind Off lesson (very similar style to the Icelandic Bind Off above)

A decorative bind off from Bingbing

Okay, and since it is impossible for me to go to YouTube and NOT find an interesting video related to cats, here is one you must see. It is quite slow-paced, but trust me, you should watch the whole thing. Pull out your knitting to work on while you watch

Advice from God About Finding a Lost Cat


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