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April 02, 2009



So, you can split a 4oz. roving in 4 equal parts one for each spindle full and you would only have to fill up the spindle twice per sock. Excellent! I wish I'd done that. I didn't even think to split the roving in half, I was too excited to start spinning. I have been basically keeping to at least 10 minutes a day (missed Wednesday but put in 45 minutes yesterday). Thank you again for a most wonderful weekend, BTW!!!


Sarah, I am glad you saw my post! I was thinking of you :) Yes, I figured that now I know I can split 4 oz. of fiber into 4 sections and just fill a spindle twice per sock. Somehow that makes it seem much easier, knowing that in advance. BTW the yarn for my second sock is done, so I should be able to finish that sock in the next day or two! And then spin for the 2nd sock. I'm so glad you enjoyed the knitting weekend! :):)

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