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Flowers and Socks and Cat, Oh My! and Fashion Show recap

Fashion Show

Last night was the WRFR Fashion Show at the Lincoln Street Center, in Rockland. It was a lot of fun! Susan and I went, and it was quite enjoyable. I must say, I thought the Unique One sweaters came off looking quite fabulous! And there were a lot of other wonderful outfits from local stores as well. I especially loved the night wear from Theo B. Camisole & Company, in Camden, a fellow Bayview Street merchant. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures. You'll have to just trust me that it was great. 

This morning I finished the back of my guernsey and cast on for the ribbing of the front, so I am making progress.Black Sock #2 is nearly down to the heel flap, probably have about 10 or 12 rows to go. 

Still no progress on the Diamond Patch Mittens. I had one little setback (due to sheer stupidity and lack of paying attention) and now I am having a hard time wanting to work on them again. I knit one little diamond in the wrong place around the thumb opening, and it was just stupid that I didn't pay attention. The mistake would be the equivalent of picking up stitches for your second sleeve of a sweater, but picking up the stitches around the neck opening instead of the arm opening, and knitting the whole sleeve before discovering your mistake.  Of course, with the Diamond Patch mitten diamond, the mistake involved far less time and less knitting to fix. I have already undone the mistake and picked up the stitches to reknit it correctly, but I just can't get going on it again. I think I am afraid of making more stupid mistakes. 

I tend to do that sometimes. I make a mistake and put the project away, and I don't know why I do it. I know I can fix the mistakes, I do it for a living. I fix other people's mistakes with their knitting. One example is my black Mystery Stole I started in July 2007, two YEARS ago. I was working on the black one, made some mistake, and just packed both of my Mystery Stoles away in a bin For Good. And the green one didn't even have a mistake yet. And now, the lace shawl is complicated enough that it will be a lot harder to fix it than it would have been if I had done it when I made the mistake, because right then I would have known what I was doing, but now, who knows. My little notes might make sense or they might not. And to make matters worse, I don't remember if I did in fact fix the mistake and then put it away in disgust, or if I didn't fix it. So I don't know when I pull it out again, if it has a mistake to fix or not. What fun :) 

Enjoy the great sunny weather, and keep knitting! 


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