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Flowers and Socks and Cat, Oh My! and Fashion Show recap

I have this little stone circle planter thing in my yard, and back when I used to be normal I liked to garden and usually planted tulips or daffodils or some other spring bulbs in it in the fall, so that in the spring I could be greeted each morning with pretty flowers to look at as I dashed off to work and as I trudged in after work. It brightened my day. On my days off, I would spend a few leisurely morning moments with a cup of coffee, looking at how beautiful my flowers were. 

Now, however, I never take the time in the fall to plant anything, and I do always regret it in the spring, but then it is too late. However, a few hardy bulbs from years past are still producing spring flowers. This year I at least cleaned out the last 3 years of weeds and dead leaves so the little persistent flowers could get through, and I discovered one crocus:


and these little blue flowers. I do not know what they are. My friend Nancy gave me these bulbs many years ago when she was moving, and said they would come up every spring and spread, and they have indeed. I like them but I don't know what they are called.... I just call them Little Blue Flowers. If you know what they are, please tell me:

In knitting progress, I must report another FO! The black socks are done; I finished them last night. I took a picture of them yesterday afternoon just after I had started the toe decreases. When I downloaded my pictures, I found I had another picture of the socks when they were half done, so here are both pictures: 

While I was taking pictures outside, Nora was helping me. She looks cute, but don't let that fool you. Look at the sharp teeth and claws, and be afraid.

Nora on a stick:

Love that tongue action. 

Nora gnawing:

Oh and one more thing.... Susan and I went to the WRFR Fashion Show on Saturday night. It was really fun! The Unique One sweaters looked fabulous :) I also had a little display in the Gallery where the intermission was held: 


We actually got to have the whole table instead of half, so the display looked even better, but I was too forgetful to take a picture of it, and too lazy to go back and take a picture later. But it looked gooooood. The fashion show was very fun and I would love to do it again next year! 


Bully Woolies

The dark blue one in the left photo looks like Squill.

The lighter blue flower on the right is glory of the snow.


Beth Collins

Thanks so much!! I knew my awesome readers would come through :))

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