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Save the Date!

There's a fashion show! April 25th at 7 p.m. at the Lincoln Street Center in Rockland, Maine! 

You gotta come. It is the WRFR Fashion Show, featuring garments modeled by a selection of lots of local businesses, including Unique One! I am showing several sweaters in the show, including sweaters for the whole family  :) It is my first fashion show ever and I am pretty excited! Y'all come, now. There will be a silent auction, too. Tickets are $5.00 in advance (you can buy tickets from Unique One) or $8 at the door. Proceeds benefit Rockland’s non-profit radio station, WRFR. 

Tickets are also available at the Grasshopper Shop, 412, Caravans, Ravishing Recalls, Leonard’s, and Theo B. Camisoles. 

WRFR has done a great job pulling this together, and I think it is a wonderful idea to have a fashion show featuring local businesses. 

WRFR, by the way, is a great radio station. WRFR-LP is a community based, volunteer powered, commercial free radio station fostering cultural enrichment and civic development through access to the airwaves, thoughtful programming and forums for expression and connection.  The LP stands for low power. WRFR broadcasts at just 100 watts, compared to the 10,000 watts and more that high-power stations radiate.

So, if you want to listen to WRFR on the radio, you have to be really near Rockland or Camden. BUT! If you want to listen to Camden/Rockland's radio and you live far away in, say, Nebraska, you can listen to WRFR anywhere that you can get an internet connection. Just go to the WRFR website and click "Listen Online!" in the top right corner. If you love the station, make sure you send them a contribution, if you can. Every little bit helps! 


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