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Spinning My New Fiber

Wonderful Fiber Frolic!

I had the best time yesterday at the Fiber Frolic :) I got a little sunburned, ate a LOT of ice cream, and bought a few things. I don't think I went too overboard in the spending department, either. 

I got some pictures of some incredibly cute animals:

2alpacas  3llamas

Bluecollar  Cutetwins
Fuzzyhead  Goats

Llama1  Llama2

Llama3  Longears

Longhairgoat  Sheep1

Sheepbigears  Sheepchuckling


I even got to see the llama parade: 


I ate plenty of ice cream from John's Ice Cream (where they make the best ice cream in the world); I had vanilla, chocolate coconut almond, strawberry, and pistachio:

I did buy a few things. I got a Fiber Frolic tote bag; 4 ounces of merino/tencel fiber in color "Bermuda" from The Sheep Shed; a fabulous spindle from Millpoint; and some fabulous superwash merino/cashmere/nylon fingering weight yarn from String Theory Yarn, in a glowing turquoise/blue with flashes of purple. 

The spindle is Canary Wood with a Purple Heart shaft; it is not a spindle I would normally have even looked twice at. The yellow canary wood is really pretty, but I tend to go for more natural colors of spindles. But when I picked it up, it immediately bonded with me, like in Harry Potter, when the young wizards choose their wands. You just know it is the right one when you pick it up and twirl it a little. I love this spindle a lot! It is 1.8 ounces and I know it is my new favorite wooden spindle. 

The fiber just glows in the sun.... I love shiny things. And the 'Bermuda' colors sing to me today.

The yarn, oh I wish you could feel how soft this yarn is. I picked it up and I seriously could not let go of it. My mind said, drop it, and my body said, nope. I was thinking 'scarf' when I bought it, but now that I see it is both superwash and has nylon in it, I am thinking 'socks'. Hmm. But it is so soft, I think I want it around my neck. Tracy was with me at the time, buying a similar yarn from the same booth, in a lovely green, and I think we might make scarves together. That will be fun. 

Pictures of newly-acquired stash:


I had so much fun!




I love your finds! I'm jealous. I only got 1 skein of yarn. I'm thinking it might be because Rob went with me. I also came home with the loom I thought I was going to sell. Crazy!! Can't wait to see you finished projects. Kelley

Shelagh Smith

That is just how my Bird's Eye Maple Bosworth and I felt at NH S&W last month! We have spun together every day since. Shelagh.

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