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November 16, 2009


mary jane

Wow Beth, good for you, an honest-to-goodness vacation! Hallelujah, you deserve it!

Beth Collins

Thanks, MJ! I actually goofed, today is really Day 2, if you count yesterday. It would have been fun roaming around F'port with ya... maybe next time!

Kelley Splaine

Oh Beth, you are living the dream. Enjoy every minute. You deserve it. I can't wait to see what you spin:-) Kelley


I am making my Freeport list for SPA! Did you know that Smarties have purple ones but M&Ms don't?

Beth Collins

Wow, I got comments! I am gonna write about chocolate waaaaay more often.

Thanks Kelley! I will bring it to knitting on Saturday, if I actually go. I did enjoy my time of knitting and spinning.

Shelagh, I did not know Smarties came in purple. Did they always, and I missed it?? I love Smarties. I am regretting not getting those Smarties when I was there. Maybe I better go back. It's not that far :)

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