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SPA 2010

At the SPA

I'm at the New England Textile Arts Spa, Knit & Spin event in Freeport, Maine this weekend. What fun! Hundreds of knitters and spinners gather in this little town and share information, enjoy their craft, and shop :)  I am here as a vendor, and it is a blast!

There are a lot of other vendors here too, and it is fun for me to shop as well. The people who have the booth next to us are Karen and Sharon from Autumn Hollow Farm. They make the most beautiful spindles, knitting needles, crochet hooks, and nostepinde .... I seriously want some of their stuff. I will shop at the end of the show. 

We are also next to Springtide Farm cashmere, and they are such fun :) I got that lovely dark red cashmere last year that I made into a beautiful scarf. I think I will wear that scarf today.

I wore my pink Knitting Olympic socks yesterday, and I love them. I got more comments on my sock monkey slippers, though. 

All week long I have been keeping an eye on the weather for the drive down to Freeport. We were expected to get rain and snow, so I was expecting a slushy wet drive down and a soggy time getting everything into the show. The night before, there was a terrible rain storm that went through, and we lost power. It took down a bunch of trees in the area and there is quite a bit of flooding. Imagine my surprise to find, the next morning, that it was sunny and warm! The clock & temperature sign on the bank in Waldoboro said it was 50 degrees! Huh. I didn't expect that. Joe and I happily unloaded everything in warm, sunny weather, and it was good. I think it is the warmest, most comfortable weather I have ever had at SPA. 

Yes, I have had my martinis (the traditional Spa beverage). I wore my martini scarf all day yesterday and got quite a few compliments on it. I love that scarf. 

I'll try to take a few pictures of the spa activity during the day and post them after vending is done but hopefully before the martinis arrive. :) 



Happy to hear that the weather did work out. Looked so miserable Thursday night.

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