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I'm Done Clue 4! One More to Go!

Knitting and Books

First, I've been knitting a little.

Mystery Clue #3 of the Family Jewels socks is done:

Clue3Done     HeelGusset

That's the beginning of the heel gusset on the left. I've never done this heel before; it's called the Fleegle heel, and it's supposed to be easier than the short-row heel, which it is so far. I really don't like short-row heels because a) they're hard to hold together and make gigantic holes on the sides which you have to stitch together after and b) I always get little holes on one side,  I dunno why. Maybe I'm just crabby because it's early in the morning and my coffee is cold and Clue #4 isn't out yet, but I really don't like short-row heels, with the exception of garter stitch short-row heels like Lucy Neatby does. They never show the holes. But then, I've never studied her sock video, so she probably shows how to avoid the holes in stockinette stitch too.


Nicky's patiently waiting for Clue #4 to come out too.

SockBeginning     Socks

In the meantime, I started another pair of socks with Toefutsies in pretty Easter colors of lime green, dark purple, robin's egg blue, and pink.


And I did a little work on the random number scarf.

Suddenly I have a lot of books I'm reading. One is The Fiery Cross, the Diana Gabaldon book, but I'm tired of the series a bit, need to take a break.

Then I started Guardians of Ga'hoole: the Capture, by Kathryn Lansky, about talking owls that live in a fantasy world. I haven't got far.

I recently started The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values, by Sam Harris, my non-fiction fix. 

And the one I most recently started, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Süskind, which is apparently not available on Amazon anymore, but it was when I bought it.

Now I'm going to watch two more episodes of Lost and then take a nap.



Rhoda thombs

Beth, I was so glad to read your comments on the short row heel. I finished my first one a week ago. It had holes, esp. the second one. I too darned them up. Actually looked pretty smooth. I saw a sample in the new Presque Isle Mall knitting store. GREAT! That sock had no holes,but the clerk told me that it was a sample from Cascade yarns. I'll try it some time again. I am working on a baby alpaca vest with a diamond inset on the fronts. Lt. ocean green. Lovely color. Interesting to read about the adaptations you are using . Amzing! Both you and the adaptations. Keep those blog entries coming. Rhoda


OK you are way ahead of me. I'm only on clue 2 (but the second sock:-)) Your sock looks fantastic which is helping me not give up. This whole toe up thing is weird. I feel like I'm in a foreign country and I don't speak the language! I have no idea what to expect next:-) I tried to "read" clue 3. Ha, Ha, Ha. Will have to wait and follow it blindly instead. Keep posting. You are this pair of socks only hope. thanks, Kelley

Beth Collins

@Rhoda, so good to here from you! I think those samples from Cascade were machine knit, that's my story & I'm sticking to it! Or they were hand knit and stitched up after. Your vest sounds lovely!

@Kelley: Don't give up!!! If I can do it with one hand and plenty of time to knit, you can do it with two hands and limited time to knit. You never know when you might become one handed!!! Knitting from the toe up is different, I agree. This heel is different too, but that's the great thing about the mystery!


I've used the fleegle heel before. I like it alright. I've been trying a few different ones to see which heels fit my family members the best(you wouldn't believe the differences in the shape of footies). I love that peachy color.

Beth Collins

I've decided I like the fleegle heel too! There are no holes that showed up and it was super easy to do.

mary jane

what is a fleegle heel? i love the name fleeeeeegle....i will have to come over and learn but i am in swatching prison. i will be released next week? see you then, oui?

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