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September 15, 2011



So very glad you have the Stubborn Gene, Beth!

We want reports from Nova Scotia plz. Been 7 yrs since our troop of five spinners & a quilter (now a spinner) invaded there.

Hope Nicky is hungry enough to climb down by now. Cheers, Shelagh.

Beth Collins

Will do! I've always wanted to go to Nova Scotia. I'm not even Scottish, I don't think, anyway.

Nicky made a triumphant return unharmed. Phew!


I am so glad to hear you are one stubborn babe. The power of positive thought and I do prescribe to many out of the ordinary means of healing.

Nicky will come down and if he is stubborn (in a not so good way) call the fire department or don't they do that anymore? He loves you too so don't worry one way or another he will come down.

Beth Collins

Luckily, Nicky was home before noon :) Another proof of mind over matter!


I love reading knitting books. I make it ritual to read before bed even if it's only 10 minutes. I'm glad Nicky made it back safely. I worry about my babies too.

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