There and Back Again

We're Going!

My bag is packed ... well, technically two bags, if you count my knitting bag, which holds more than just knitting. I'm all set to go. I'm very excited a not a little bit nervous (I'm a lot nervous), but this will be a leap for me. I think I can do it, but just not sure how it will all work out. It's hard to fathom how you can do things you usually do when you travel, when all of a sudden you're handicapped. I guess the thing you have to do is just do it, and make stuff up as you go. 

But I have a little friend with me (besides Lynne, she is a BIG friend):


I'm changing my attitude! And it's going to be fun :) Nova Scotia, here I come! They have yarn shops there, yes?? hehe....


(the picture is from Mary Englebright, and was featured on September 28 in my Mary Engelbright calendar)


Kelley Splaine

Have a wonderful adventure Beth! The best times are had when you make it up as you go along. Thinking of you. Kelley


Yarny adventure! What fun I love yarny adventures and have them whenever possible.:)

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