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January 19, 2012



Not only will you be warm, Beth, but you will have a host of people behind you waiting to applaud your next move. Cheers & cheering, Shelagh.

Beth Collins

Thanks Shelagh! I wish I knew where I was heading, but I'll be knitting wherever I am :)


Go, Beth, go! We're all "rooting" for you! You're amazing! Plus, thank you for sharing the names of the 2 books--I'm going to order! Conny NE

Beth Collins

I hope you like them Conny! And thanks for reading my blog :)

Brandi Schoch

It's wonderful when things in life open our eyes and change how we think and live. That feeling when your on the brink of something new...can be scary like taking a leap off a cliff but the rewards are usually great.

Beth Collins

I'm crossing my fingers :)

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