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January 27, 2012



We watched the women on Shetland knit their two colours with just their right hand. One strand over the forefinger, the other over the middle finger. The trick is to turn the hand over so it is slightly off horizontal (back up) and position the fingers over tips of needles. Of course they were using a knitting belt and the long dpns. Bet it would work for you too! Come to SPA next month and I will show you!! Shelagh.


I think you can do anything you decided to set your mind too stroke or no. You are so inspiring.

Beth Collins

Your tempting me with SPA Shelagh!

Beth Collins

I just put my head down and do it, brandi ... it's like a puzzle, and you win if you can do it. Like Angry Birds or Bug Chucker, just keep trying and eventually you'll do it :)

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