The Importance of Getting Gauge

Happy New Year!

Last night was a TV marathon night. We watched two episodes of Midsomer Murders and four episodes of Dr. Who (Chris Eccleston/Billie Piper), and by then it was midnight. We heard fireworks, but didn't see them. It was a good New Years! And we drank only coffee, despite there being wine, bourbon, and brandy in the house. All in all, it was fun.

I bought some new games for my iPad: The Adventures of Tintin, Bug Chucker, and Stoneship. I would have gotten Riven too, but the reviews weren't great; I am waiting. Bug Chucker and Stoneship are from Cyanworlds, the same people who made Myst and Riven, but they are more video-arcade style in appearance. (Bug Chucker is free for Android right now!) It's gonna take me awhile to figure them out, but for only about $4 per game, I wanted to support them even if I can't figure out the game. (I am terrible at games.)

The Adventures of Tintin is much more my style, and I quite like it, but for the feature that almost makes it unplayable on the iPad. At various points, you have to run, rather than just walk, to go further, and the "Sprint" button is on the opposite side of the screen from the "Walk" button. Unfortunately you have to hold them down at the same time to make little Tintin sprint, and I only have one hand that works. I can stretch my hand far enough to get him to sprint, but sprinting in the right direction is  almost impossible! It was quite comical having Tintin running around in circles, though. After much trial and error I succeeded in getting Tintin where he needed to go, but perhaps this game would be better played on the iPod rather than the iPad for one-handed people like me!

My vest is going well; apparently it likes TV marathons:


I am almost up to the armholes on the back, and I have used a little more than half of one skein, so that's good. I actually don't like the bottom ribbing, but it doesn't flip up, and I do like that. I can't think of anything else that would look good as a bottom treatment either, so I guess it will be fine.

It's a beautiful, sunny day for the first of January 2012, a good omen for the year ahead! Happy New Year!



Didn't know you are a Dr. Who fan too (shoulda guessed!). David Tennant my #1 Dr, but I did like Christopher Eccleston. Can't decide on which Companion I like best tho. I find the new episodes are terribly confusing, so I stopped watching.

Just had a lovely day with spinning/SPA friends, good way to start the year. Cheers, Beth. Shelagh.

Beth Collins

My all-time favorite Doctor was Tom Baker, he was the best! Happy New Year Shelagh!

Anne Hetherington

I just downloaded Bug Chucker...needed a new game, getting stuck on the harder levels of Diversion and Angry Birds. Will see if I can do this one. Both ofthe above only need one hand in case you haven't discovered them

Beth Collins

I am loving Bug Chucker! I'll check out those other two games. Joe has Angry Birds for his Android. Thanks, Anne :) Happy New Year!

Anne Hetherington

Stuck on level 14...figured out how, its just a matter of making it happen!

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