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January 01, 2012



Didn't know you are a Dr. Who fan too (shoulda guessed!). David Tennant my #1 Dr, but I did like Christopher Eccleston. Can't decide on which Companion I like best tho. I find the new episodes are terribly confusing, so I stopped watching.

Just had a lovely day with spinning/SPA friends, good way to start the year. Cheers, Beth. Shelagh.

Beth Collins

My all-time favorite Doctor was Tom Baker, he was the best! Happy New Year Shelagh!

Anne Hetherington

I just downloaded Bug Chucker...needed a new game, getting stuck on the harder levels of Diversion and Angry Birds. Will see if I can do this one. Both ofthe above only need one hand in case you haven't discovered them

Beth Collins

I am loving Bug Chucker! I'll check out those other two games. Joe has Angry Birds for his Android. Thanks, Anne :) Happy New Year!

Anne Hetherington

Stuck on level 14...figured out how, its just a matter of making it happen!

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