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Stuck on Mitts

Hi there, I'm Beth, and I'm a Mittaholic.

I can't get the Mucklemitts out of my head. They're so pretty, and then I got Mary Jane's book (which I'll review before the month is over) which just started a mental gamut -- gamut, I tell you -- of ideas for Fair Isle mitts. And then I started looking at fingerless mitten patterns online, and the lace mitts, the cabled mitts, the mitts with different colors. Gah! Overwhelming.

So as soon as my vest is done, I will make mitts. So here is my next year's Christmas list: everyone is getting mitts! Well, sort of ... I may run out of my mitt mystique and go on to something else, like socks or funny hats or knitted mustaches or something. You never know.

Fallberry The Fallberry Fingerless Gloves from Knitty, Winter 2011


Kelley Splaine

I'm jealous of someone with a plan. Knit on Beth. Kelley

Beth Collins

OMG there's a plan?!



On a jag????

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