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Ah, Winter.

It's not much of a winter, but still, my cats are bored out of their little furry skulls. 

Nicky tried to amuse himself by sleeping on the heating grate after the heater turned off ...


... but in a little while, it turned on and blew cold air at him and scared him, so he moved off.


Now he is not amused.

Grace tried to amuse herself by squeezing into a box that was two sizes to small for her.


Unfortunately, it was too small to sleep in. Grace is niether amused nor unamused; as long as there's food, and no dogs, she's happy. 

Nora is spending this winter staring out the window.


She is so unamused it is scary. Be afraid.



Your cats make me snicker. Especially the one be afraid of I'm afraid of Fluffy when she gets bored. She does mischievious and evil things. Except getting the mice that took up residence in my kitchen.

Beth Collins

Our cats look on mice as "toys". They trap them and scare them to death. At least Nora does :)

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