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February 22, 2012



We up here discovered that marvellous buttonhole when I bought the 2nd Treasury in l979 (I think)at the spinning gathering in Norwich, NY. Haven't used any other since then. Book is, sadly, beginning to disintegrate, I use it LOTS. Glad you perservered.

Arline Collins

Aging will also cause this. I have used this method with markers for quite some time and it sure works for me.

Beth Collins

There ya go! I knew you were smart :)


I saved the buttonhole instructions for future use. Thank you! Never ran into this one before. I, too, have used markers for counting. Saves much aggravation and time. Still learning from you Beth....

Beth Collins

Thanks Jean!


I use the stitch marker trick too. For some reason when I have over 50 stitches, I can never seem to count correctly. I sometimes have ladies in my knitting group count for me too.

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