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"Mmmmmm, bacon... you know you want it....." and with that in mind, I set off to find it, in Knittingland.

Deep in the wilds of Ontario, land of bacon, I found these Bacon Mittens from Spillyjane:


I love Spillyjane's designs. I have her Willistead Mittens to knit ... someday. 

Next up was this lovely Bacon-and-Eggs Pillow from Tamara Kelly, crocheted, of course. Crochet seems to lend itself more readily to bacon, no? Perfect for the breakfast nook!


My search widened to encircle three gorgeous bacon scarves. The first is the Bacon Scarf, by Holly Oyster, whose name just begs to be a designer. It's a free Ravelry download.


Next up is Twinkie Chan's Bacon and Egg Scarf, from her book, Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies. Wear it after breakfast while you're shoveling out the driveway!

Baconandeggscarf(photo from

The third scarf pattern is the very imaginative, trés cool, double-knit (so there is no wrong side) and totally free "Vegan Wrapped in Bacon". I love this.

It is by Robyn Wade, who must be a genius. Seriously. I want to mind-meld with her.

(While I was looking, I found this awesome recipe for "Oh, Canada!", a fudge that has chocolate AND maple AND bacon in it. I love the theme song, too!")

So enough with the scarves. Found plain ol' Bacon and Eggs, by BacoKnitter; it's a free Ravelry pattern download. It makes a yummy decoration for the breakfast nook!


To carry on my search, I found this yummy Bacon & Eggs Handbag pattern, by MK Carroll. It's another free Ravelry download!


Lastly, just before I stumbled back to civilization, I found this charming example of crocheted wonder, "Strips of Bacon" by Aoibhe Ní. It's a Ravelry paid pattern. 


Now I will wander away, leaving the sound of bacon gently sizzling behind me, the sweet perfume of cured pork floating in the air. Stay hungry, and happy knitting!



Bacon on the brain eh?

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Mmmmmm, bacon...

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