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Fake Warmth

Spring sprung Wednesday and Thursday, and I've got pictures to prove it.

Spring1    Spring2
Spring3    Spring$

Those are pictures of my lilac bush, which usually doesn't blossom until June. I took pictures of the leaves popping out, because after the freezing weather we are about to get, probably the leaves and the buds and everything will just say "I quit" and leave me with a bunch of sticks waving in the air.

The cats enjoyed the warm weather. 


Grace snoozed on the porch instead of in the living room. 


Nicky stretched out in the sun. He is such a Valentino, no?


Nora spent the day sharpening her claws.

I sat on the back porch and then I moved to the front porch, and knit and supervised my husband while he did the raking and the cleaning of the yard ... and he cleaned the front porch, too, come to think of it. The back deck and the front porch and the lawn and my flower beds are now spic and span, thanks to him!

Now if I can just hold the memories of the fake warmth we had until the real warmth gets here. 




Lol yea it was a faker I kept telling my kids that it wouldn't last as they are dragging out shorts.

Beth Collins

Yeah, we're back to freezing weather now...

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