Oh Dear.


Last night we watched a good movie, Hugo. I don't watch many movies, but I liked this one!

It's about a boy, Hugo Cabret, who lives in a railway station in Paris. He is an orphan, and the police are always after him for stealing, but he has to eat. His life is caught up in this automaton that his father was working on when he died in a museum fire; it becomes his life. He steals gears and things from a toy shop to continue working on it, and gets caught. 

The toy shop owner sees him fixing broken toys, and puts him to work to pay for what he stole. He meets Isabelle, the god-daughter of the toy shop owner. Together they find the secret of the toy shop owner's real name and what he really is.

Hugo(photo credit: www.movieviral.com)

This movie is fabulous for lots of little things that they put in without bashing me over the head with it. I love, for example, that Django Reinhardt was always there in the background; there are two little romances that we get to watch that are not related to the main story; the Paris that the tale encompasses is brilliantly portrayed in lights. It got an Academy Award for Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, and Best Visual Effects, among others. 

HugoMovie(photo credit: www.kidsmomo.com)

There is a lot more that I like about it, but that would spoil it for those who haven't seen it. We rented it on Amazon, and I am sure it's everywhere. It's a good movie!



Sarah Otley

Hugo is one of my favorites too! I wasn't sure if I'd like how it would transfer to film, but I did. I loved seeing the films of Georges Melies in it too. Have you seen the book? It is beautiful. The story is all done in drawings.

Beth Collins

I wondered about the book. Souinds good!


I am more of a book reader than a movie watcher. I may try it the other way around this time. As usually if I read the book first I am disappointed by the movie.

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