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My sister-in-law's husband is a wonderful man. He's a photographer, a good one. Maybe you know him? J. Kevin White, of J. Kevin White Photography? You often saw his work in Knitting Now newsletter.

He did two very special photographs to auction off at the supper for me in Appleton, and he very nicely gave me both of them, framed, for my birthday. 

This one is in the living room:


Don't you love the colors? I do. This one is in the kitchen, and it is appropriately where I sit most of the time:


I love this. I just want to dive into the bowls of yarn and knit a scarf.

He also did one of mittens from Unique One; the four on the right were samples of mittens in a Tullymungan kit; I'm not sure where the little green one on the left came from. 


This is wood stove in his kitchen:


The socks are not hand knit, but the mittens are. That stove looks mighty cozy.

He has done a lot of  animals, like sheep and donkeys and oxen and horses and ducks and cats (he even did one of Nora, and she's been a diva ever since; child stars, you know what they're like). He has landscapes that steal your heart. I love his still lifes; besides yarn, he captures images that you might see every day or that you saw in your childhood, but pictured beautifully.

Photos like Kevin's are worth buying as gifts. He has a picture for someone who has everything, and I guarantee you'll find more than one you want for yourself. There are great photos of animals, so if you have sheep or donkeys or ducks or cats, they're perfect. He captures country life like no one else, and he does several shows each year. His schedule is on his web site, and his most recent work is on his Facebook page. Go check him out!




Awesome photos! Any knitter would love them!

Beth Collins

They're great, aren't they? I am so lucky!


great photos any knitter showing off her work would be lucky to have Kevin.

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