I'm Obsessed by Things that Glitter. And Cats.

Oh Dear.

My husband wants me to write a book. Lynne wants me to write a book. Everyone wants me to write a book.

I can't think what to write about, that I don't write here!

Maybe a book of patterns interspersed with stories about overcoming hardships? Hmmm. I like the "patterns" part. The "hardships" part is, frankly, pretty depressing. It might be helpful if you've had a stroke though, but so far I have not many seen any of those. People might get it in case they have a stroke; it comes at you out of left field and hits you with a whammy. Actually, I should be dead, but I'm not, so I'm thinking there's a reason.

(Scratches her head.)

I will think about it.



Sarah Otley

A sci fi yarn adventure???

Beth Collins

Maybe, Sarah!


I join in on the "encouragement for you to write a book"! You have a nice writing style.Conny NE


It's amazing you write about this my hubs has been saying I need to write a book for at least 6 months now (just due to the amount of research I do every week for the blog). Anyway I find your writing style to be quite personable and I was thinking although the "hardships" part may be depressing. It may help someone who thinks they are alone as your blog has inspired people.


Living DownEast you must hear interesting stories that go around? Could you write about those folk stories? I swear that Stephen King gets alot of his ideas from the legends in Maine!! :-)


Back again! Continuing on:


Check out Kathy's blog for inspiration on the writing front! She lives in Gloucester Mass.

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