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March 15, 2012


Rhoda Thombs

Hi Beth, Love hearing about your progress on the sweater and sock projects. I am trying to reach a 10 row goal on my vest which is knit with DK weight on size 6 needles. Not much success! So I was relieved to see that your goal was only the back. Now I feel less discouraged. Love hearing about your knitting projects. I must try the mice for my daughters cat. Keep up the blog. It's part of my AM routine. Rhoda

Beth Collins

Thanks, Rhoda! Patience is the key to life as well as knitting :)


I will one day make a mouse for our Fluffy Cat(she thinks she's a princess). Your Itchy-Scratchy sweater and socks look amazing.

Beth Collins

Thanks Brandi! I hope your cat enjoys the mouse :)

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