Knitting on Empty


This week's mouse is called "Stripey", for obvious reasons:


He's cute. I have to start stuffing my mice soon, with catnip and stuffing. I forget how many mice I have so far, but I figure stuffing 10 or 12 mice at a time is probably about the limit for most people. 

My Itchy-Scratchy sweater is about 3 or 4 inches short of a full back:


I tried to finish the back yesterday, but my hand and arm was telling me, "Silly Beth, trying to do too much again. I shall have to hurt you!" and I stopped. Part of the problem was, I also knit way too much on the sock day before yesterday, but I got one sock done!


I am worrried that I will not have enough yarn to complete the second sock. When I weighed the sock and weighed the yarn, they were about the same; this is one time I really miss my digital-readout scales that I had at the shop. Anyway, either I will have enough yarn, or I won't. If I don't have enough, but I have just short of enough, I can always unravel the top of the finished sock until they're even. One way or another, they'll be good! 

I love the colors. If I have to knit slowly, I am sure enjoying the ride. It's killing me to work at this snail-like pace, and not just dive in and zoom up the back of the sweater and be done the pair of socks by now, but working slowly has it's advantages. I thought at first that it would be drudgery, but it's not.It gives me more time to think, which is kind of fun. You never know what I'll think of next :)


Rhoda Thombs

Hi Beth, Love hearing about your progress on the sweater and sock projects. I am trying to reach a 10 row goal on my vest which is knit with DK weight on size 6 needles. Not much success! So I was relieved to see that your goal was only the back. Now I feel less discouraged. Love hearing about your knitting projects. I must try the mice for my daughters cat. Keep up the blog. It's part of my AM routine. Rhoda

Beth Collins

Thanks, Rhoda! Patience is the key to life as well as knitting :)


I will one day make a mouse for our Fluffy Cat(she thinks she's a princess). Your Itchy-Scratchy sweater and socks look amazing.

Beth Collins

Thanks Brandi! I hope your cat enjoys the mouse :)

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