Times, They Are a-Changin'

The Yarn Shop

There used to be a yarn shop in Camden, the best yarn shop in the world, in my opinion. What's funny is, I don't really know the name of it, but I think it was called The Wool Bin. (I used to grin when people didn't recognize the name 'Unique One', but they knew the yarn shop -- or the sweater shop -- in Camden!) Anyway, The Wool Bin was my personal Yarn Shop. It was located where half of Camden National Bank is now, between the bank and the post office. There were fabric sculptures of funny people in the window, and inside, there was a front room and a back room. It was quite small. There were wooden needles (Merrill Needles? Monroe needles? They were made in Maine.) in a glass jar on the table. And there was lots of yarn.

I used to go in and buy a sweater project every chance I got to come down to Searsport or Camden. I'm from northern Maine, and the coast was my favorite getaway. I remember once when my sister was dithering about whether she could knit a vest that had a little cable work on it, and asked me whether she thought she could do it, and me being, well, me, and tired of her dithering, said, "No. You're too stupid." So of course she bought the yarn and the pattern in a shot, and promptly knit it -- for me! It was a perfect shade of purple, and I wore it for years. I loved that vest. What's more, she could do it; she just had to prove to me that she could! I think we both learned something that day.

I learned that being stubborn is a great motivation, and we're both stubborn, my sister and I. I think my brother is too. But we get done what we really want to get done. My sister was mad at me the whole time she knit that vest, but she was proud of it when it was done!




i love it :)The story about your sister lol

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