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Times, They Are a-Changin'

A lot of technology has changed since I wrote my very first blog entry back in January 2004. Back then, blogs were fresh, new, and not everybody had one. They were not ubiquitous. They were on the cutting edge, unlike today. Today, blogs are somewhat quaint. When I say I have a blog, people respond with, "Wow, how ... old-fashioned!" 

There was no iPhone in 2004. Nor was there an iPod Touch (though there were iPods, with the clicky little wheel and the black-and-white LED display) and definitely no iPads. There was no Facebook (!!!), no Twitter, no Clouds. Downloading audiobooks was hard to do. I never downloaded printed books, though there were some on Project Gutenberg. How did we ever get through the day?

But, people are still knitting. They might design things using new technology, but they knit one stitch at a time. I read that there are 53 million knitters in the U.S. alone.  According to the industry group Craft Yarn Council of America, the number of women knitters in the United States age 25–35 increased 150% in the two years between 2002 and 2004, so they're not slowing down. Yarn-bombing has sped up.

I love the new technology, and I look forward to all the new, wondrous things that will come around in the next few years. Most of all, I love how knitters are slowly but surely taking over the world!


(photo from Wikepedia)




I love the video thanks for sharing that:)

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