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Know what this is?


If you guessed The X-Files music by Mark Snow, you are correct.

It's raining,  and this just came up on my iPod:

 I Wanna Watch the X-Files In The Rain

I got that song way back when mp3.com was giving away songs for free. It's from Darkangeles. I downloaded it on February 29, 2004, which is an odd date. And that is all I know about it.

The X-Files was a great show, and they made a good movie, too. Every now and then, that song comes up on my iPod and it makes me smile. I remember how completely people got into that show ... kinda like the way they got into Lost, or Buffy, 0r 24, or Dr. Who. Do any shows have that kind of appeal for you now? (Dr. Who is still on, but you can talk about the upcoming new season.) Comment at will.


We just started watching some new shows. We watched the first two eps of Missing on Hulu last night; it's about a mother (Ashley Judd) searching for her kidnapped son (Nick Eversman), with the twist being that rather than being a flower shop owner as she has been for the last umpty-odd years, she's really an ex-CIA agent with mad skillz, and taking her son was The Wrong Thing to Do. Her husband, played by Sean Been, was killed when his car was blown up. I think he is secretly the one behind the kidnapping and his death was faked; but that's just me. This show is like an updated version of Scarecrow and Mrs. King, without the comedy. We laughed anyway. It's got a strangely picking-the-scab-off-my-arm kind of appeal -- it's so ridiculous, its fascinating.


We also watched Touch, with Kiefer Sutherland, who plays Martin Bohm, and David Mazouz, who plays Jake Bohm. Apparently an 11-year old has the power to affect the destiny of the whole freaking world ... with his father's help. Kiefer Sutherland jumps through many, many hoops to do Something to make the world right, and is rewarded with some little sign that he has Done Good: a smile, a touch, a spoken word. The thing is, while you watch it, it seems so believable. We are surrounded by little coincidences all the time, but how many of them do we really see? We see maybe one coincidence ... but if you were Jake Bohm, and you saw alllllll the coincidences that were connected, if you were able to change things to make them occur so that the world would be Good instead of Bad, that would be quite a thing. This show is really well-written, and Kiefer Sutherland plays a Dad struggling with his emotionally challenged son very well. I think this story will stay. 

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I do wish sometimes that I was more of tv/movie watching person. I'm just too darn figety for movies. I'll sit and knit but I need to get up and move around. There are very few that I want to see and fewer I would watch again. My Classics are Dune (either version), Children of Dune, and Tron. I think those are the only movies I ever bought. The hubs is another matter he loves movies.

Beth Collins

You and me both, including the husbands!

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