I Wish It Would Always Be Spring


It's been one and a third years since I last spun. It was December of 2010. You can read about it here and here.  I spun 4 ounces of blue fluff that I bought at the last Spa, before my stroke. I spun the whole thing, but I wasn't very happy with it; it was lumpy and bumpy, not at all like the smooth, glorious yarn I had been used to spinning. It made me really sad. When I tried to ply it, one ply broke and that was it -- I abandoned the whole project in a fit of anger and said I wasn't going to spin again.


Fourteen months later, I find I can do a lot more, I am wayyyyy less depressed, and the spinning wheel kept attracting my attention. Luckily I kept it right by the bathroom door, where I would look at it every day. Saturday I pulled it out, pushed it up to my chair, and decided to try it again. 

I reattached the end that had broken, and it was no big deal to start spinning again. It felt good. I was still not happy with the yarn, and it is still lumpy and bumpy, but now I see it has potential.


With practice, a lot of practice, a really large lot of practicey-practice, I can spin yarn again that is similar to what I used to spin. But, I need to .... practice. No spinner becomes a better spinner without practice. When I saw Sharon up in Nova Scotia, I promised to practice spinning on the wheel that I bought when she was moving, but I never did. 

Now I will. It's set up, all ready to go. I will practice. I promise.








whoohoo your spinning! Aren't time and patience funny things?

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