Acupuncture Update

It's been five weeks now that I've been seeing Jackie, my acupuncturist. I've been going once a week. I think the results are very slow in coming, as she said would be the case. It must be hard to be an acupuncturist; because her clientele are American, and impatient, they may just give it a couple tries and then quit. Chinese people are far more patient. They can wait forever to see a little change. 

I am most definitely happy with Jackie's treatments. I would keep going to see her even if I didn't see or feel that anything was happening. She is so good to be around! She is like a little happy spot and I like her. Modern medicine is so damn hurried, everything is going a little faster than it should and there are too few nurses and paperwork is always messed up. They feed you pills like it will answer everything. I would tell you about my experience with modern medicine, excluding my time in Boston, which was mostly wonderful, but I would feel like I am just ranting and whining and pouting. It is far better to talk about my steady recovery and Jackie.

Acupuncturre is always kinda the same, but kinda different. I go in and relax on the bed while we talk about my health over the past week. She then puts magnets on my feet, hands, and forehead, and an increasing larger number of needles around my head - I think we're up to five? -- so I look like the Statue of Liberty, if I could see myself. Then she lights some incense and sets soft music to playing (meditation music, like Tibetan singing bowls) while she leaves the room for about 10 minutes and I can relax totally. After a while she comes back in, takes the magnets off and gives me an infrared treatment on my arms and legs, especially on my right arm. She takes the needles from my head. I feel wonderful when she is done!

Is it working? I feel like a Zen master if I tell you, you're asking the wrong question if you have to know if it works. But, yes, I feel that it is. The circulation in my right leg is getting stronger. My right arm hurts far less than it used to. It's working. But it's like the difference between being a process knitter and a product knitter; acupuncture is all about the process, not the product. The harder you try to pin-point what it does for you, the farther you are from having it work. Does that sound too Asian for you? Maybe. But I have nothing to lose.



Hillary White

I am so happy that Jackie is working out well for you! I am on my way to see her now, and can not wait. She makes everything better!!


I've been a big believer in alternative medicine for a long time. So glad this is working for you.

Anne Eggers

So glad to hear you are doing well! Have thought of you so often! I am a great believer in alternative medicine, not so much a believer in local medical care!

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