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I ordered a Cardioid Shawl kit last week, and it came recently. It's going right to the top of my queue!

Cardioid Shawl kit

It contains the pattern, a skein of Sock-aholic Serene in Blueberry Pie, and a charming little stitch marker with a heart motif. This is going to be cool, and it's a great cause, too.

Speaking of causes, Lisa Souza has a thing on her blog about the Grace Foundation. She's donating the proceeds from sales of her "Appaloosa" colorway until June 30 to the Grace Foundation, which is having trouble due to the Susanville 70 -- a group of horses that have been rescued, and have been tied up in a legal battle ever since, and now the pregnant horses have had foals, and the months of eating sand and debris has had long term liver problems for the horses, and medical bills for the Grace Foundation. I've made my purchase to help! Those poor horses...

Lisa Souza Appaloosa



Thanks for sharing this I will be checking out this cause:)

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