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May 12, 2012


Anne Hetherington

When skeining off the yarn from the bobbin with the skeinwinder, I count the yards so I know how much I have, then stick a note with the yardage in the skein. I usually make hats, sometimes mittens or fingerless gloves. Have made sweaters which I never wear, have woven it on triangle loom into shawl, or knitted shawls with it. Next I need to make a vest or two, I find that I only have 1 hand spun vest. I have the yarn spun, it is just a matter of designing it...thats the road block!

Beth Collins

I think my handspun is in smaller amounts, like mittens or a hat. I like your idea of a vest, though. Hmmmm, I wish I had counted the yards when I spun it!


I usually just throw it on the knitty knoddy before giving it a bath and count the strands knowing my knoddy is 60 inches around i do the math and tend to err on the safe side.

Beth Collins

Good idea, Brandi!

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