Ah, Morning

It's Been an Exciting Week

Despite it being rainy all week, Mouse 20 loved it and went naked all the time:

Mouse 20

And here's his bottom, to show you he has no tan lines:


Silly mouse.

The Crosswired Socks are done:


I loved knitting these! It's addictive, keeping on knitting those teeny stripes, and crossing the cables as you go. It's like a little Hanne Falkenburg for socks, except it's Wendy Gaal of Knitters Brewing Company, and she's fabulous.

The Itchy Scratchy sweater is coming along nicely. I got the front done (finally), knit both the front neck and the back neck, and joined the shoulders. Then I sewed the neck pieces together and weaved (wove?) in the ends.


The neck was pretty damn fiddly, but it was better to knit it on the two body parts separately than to try and wrestle with it in my lap trying to knit it in the round on six double-pointed needles. No matter how many needles I had in it, they were gonna fall out. So, I set it aside in my mind, knowing how much I preferred a neck that's all one piece, and knit it in pieces with two little seams. We must make compromises, that's what people who are one-handed do. And really, my husband will never know the difference.

Joining the shoulders was also fiddly, but I got better at it with practice.  I figured out the rest of the pattern for the sleeves, how many to cast on, how many increases to do and how many rows between them. It's all downhill from here! I started the first sleeve. and I'm loving it. This sweater is going to be yummy-scrummy!

The body looks too small and the ribbing is doing a weird  curl-up thing, but that's because I am using moss rib for the main body pattern, which pulls in monstrously until it's blocked. When it's blocked, it will look better. I hope.




Mouse 20 looks great without tan lines:) I loooove the socks those colors are fantastic. I give you courage points!!!!! as I'm feeling sweaters are too much of a commitment lately.

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