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Mouse 23:


I'd like, on the one hand, to start stuffing them, but I kinda like leaving them unstuffed, too, because I am not sure what I would do if they were stuffed and the cats discovered them! They're so sneaky ...

Nora Stealing Nicky's cream

I put a little more on my afghan and used up the rest of the lime green:


Then I started my Bohemian scarf ... I was a little worried I wouldn't like the pattern. I shouldn't have been; the pattern was wonderful! Every now and then you find the exact right pattern and the perfect yarn for it, and it is good; this was one of those times. 

 Beginning2      Silhouette

ScarfAlmostDone      ScarfDone

Bohemian blocked

It was a quick knit; it only took 2 days. I added a little more to my afghan:

Afghan 2

The Heart Cookie mitts that I blocked this week also took only 2 days.

Mitts blocked

But now I am knitting something that is taking a couple weeks to knit. I am using this:


Wonderful, sparkly skein of purple yummimess ... to make the flounced scarf of Drops design (Drops 129-28). I saw the woman at Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia knitting it in pale gray, and it looked so nice. I chose a ball of the purple, and got the pattern from her, and set it aside. Now I finally am getting around to it!

It is knit on size 3 needles ... if I had really thought about it, I might not have done that. I could probably have gone up a size or two ... or three or four ... but I didn't. I just blindly followed the pattern, like some demented sheep. It's coming along nicely, but it seems slow after the last two projects!

Ruffle scarf 


I can knit about 6" a day, on a good day. Maybe I'll be done by next week! I keep telling myself that the ball is only 229 yards long ...




Beautiful projects! Where'd you get the pattern for the Bohemian scarf? It looks interesting.

Beth Collins

It's on Ravelry :)


You knitting looks great and there is so much of it. I'm so impressed. Those mitts are adorable.

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