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Mouse 21 is having fun in the sun, finally:


Yesterday I finished my Itchy Scratchy sweater. I know, I only had one sleeve started last week, but it's been rainy, and I was close to being done, and I wanted to finish it. I knit the sleeves:


Then I sewed it together:


Actually, I crocheted the pieces together. My husband helped pin it for me. Here it is, ready for blocking:


It looks pretty funny here. Moss rib really pulls in a lot, but I was encouraged when I stretched the sleeves out to sew them into place. I blocked it by washing in the machine (cold water, with Eucalan), spinning as much water out of it as possible, and putting it on the wooly board for final blocking:


It looks good, doesn't it? I like it; it doesn't feel so itchy anymore. The fabric really opened up with blocking, and it's a nice, comfortable weight. I think he will wear it a lot ... next year!

My next project is some Five Year socks. In October of 2007, I took my ill-fated trip to Bar Harbor, where I went to Bee's and got some stuff:


You can read how the yarn exploded in Helen's Restaurant here. Anyone know what yarn the sock yarn is? I didn't take a close enough picture to identify what yarn it is, and I foolishly didn't write it in the blog post anywhere. Anyway, I knit the beginning on Sand Beach:


And that's the last time I posted about it. Fast-forward to 2012, when I found the sad little sock lying forlornly in one of my bins while I was inventorying my yarn stash. I had actually knit as far as this, when I broke a needle and stopped:


I since had found size 0 needles, which were in it, so I can start right up again. I'm glad I found it! 

Now on to a glass of Nicky wine to celebrate:




Your itchy scratchy sweater looks great! I'm glad you and your sock found each other again!

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