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Just checking in with my spinning ... I have spun exactly half of my roving:


I love the colors. The plied yarn will be very nice, colorwise, I think. Now to spin the other half! 

My spinning still is lumpy, but it's better than it used to be. ::shrug:: I will keep trying until I get it right.

My stash of fiber fits into only ONE tub. (My stash of yarn is significantly more.) Spinning a little every day, about an hour, gets through fiber pretty fast, compared to spinning once every 6 months, as I used to. I was getting better before my stroke; I had a spindle (well, one of several spindles) that I was getting in the habit of spinning a little on every day, and I noticed an increase in my consistency and the speed at which I could get stuff done. Then I had my stroke and started over.

I'm starting to see a difference in my spinning, and I am getting stuff done pretty good now. My spinning still doesn't meet up to what I used to make, but in another year or so, maybe I will see the difference. The yarn I am making is *almost* worthy of being knittable. Maybe it's better than I think, I dunno. It might be fine.

I'm gonna stop blathering now and go knit.


Anne Hetherington

The yarn will be beautiful. Put your creative genius to work and find just the right project for it...after it ages for a while! ;-)


I think your yarn looks great! Sometimes fiber needs to sit and cure to find the right use for it:)

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