Wordless Wednesday

My Spinning

I finished my red yarn, and here it is hanging after I set the twist:


It's still lumpy bumpy, yarn with character. It broke a few times while I was plying it because I had spun it to thin. However, it is getting better. It's still way better then my first attempt. I think I will make a hat out of it.

Now I'm spinning another bunch of roving that I hand dyed, with spots of aqua, green, and purple. I saw this technique in Twisted Sisters Sock Book a few year ago, and thought I would like to try it.


It looks pretty bad, right? There's a LOT of white left in it. I started spinning it anyway, because hey, I need the practice.


Ooooh, pretty. This could be good, I thought. Those Twisted Sisters knew what they were talking about.

Pastel yarn

So this is how far I have gotten. Somehow that mostly white roving turns into beautiful pastel shades, just right for spring and summer! I like how it is more consistent, too. It will be interesting when I ply it, but that is a long way in the future. The roving I showed you is half of the whole bunch, and while I'm spinning about an hour every day, it is still taking me a long time because of the pre-drafting taking me so long. I have to pre-draft the roving just so, to get the yarn to be a consistent circumference when I spin it. Consequently, I'm pre-drafting more than I'm spinning, but I have to do it, so that's ok. As Mary Englebreit said, 'If you don't like something, change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. '



Your spinning looks fantabulous. Your dye job is actually really good to get those great pastels.

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