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Wordless Wednesday

Spinning Progress

I've been making slow progress on my spinning. I have spun a little almost every day, about an hour or so. Getting the roving properly drafted with one hand is what takes the time. I have to draft it out really fine to get the fine yarn that I want. Unfortunately the wispy little roving then wants to stick to everything, including me, and I end up looking like a red fuzzy snowman. Yikes! There's red fuzz all over the house now. 

Here's what I have left to pre-draft:


I've spun more than half of it. Here's my pre-drafted roving, before I actually draft it:


I don't have any pictures of the actually pre-drafted roving, sorry. But I do have a picture of my spinning:


One bobbin is full of half my roving, and I'm working on the rest. It's actually pretty good. I am spinning nice and fine, and it is fairly consistent. I think I had trouble with patience and finger strength before. I wasn't patient enough to pre-draft the roving finely enough to spin the thickness I wanted it to be, and my finger strength just wasn't ready. I guess I forgot that aside from spinning one-handed, I was also learning to spin left handed, not right handed. My left hand got stronger with use and time, so now it's able to spin the nice, fine yarn that I had imagined.

This will take time. When I ply my singles together, part will still be lumpy bumpy, and part will be nice, fine, even yarn. It will be good though. I am learning. My next spinning attempt will be even better.



I'm so happy that your spinning it looks great. What amazing challenges you've overcome!

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