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The Boisterous Bird Bungle

A couple days ago I was sitting in the kitchen with the back door open, and I heard a strange yowl. It started far away and quickly got louder, until it was right in the kitchen with me -- Nora had a bird in her mouth, and she was trying to say, "I have a bird for you, Daddy! Look, a bird! I caught a bird!" Her mouth was full of bird, though, so it sounded funny.

She went past me into the living rom and dropped said bird, which was still alive and more or less unharmed.

Hilarity ensued. Daddy tried really, really hard to catch the poor little chirping bird, which had mental powers of its own, and flouted his efforts at every turn. It went from living room to bathroom to kitchen, Nora and Daddy chasing it every step of the way. Finally it landed under the bathtub where no one could get to it. Daddy put Nora outside and shut the door. 

After a little while, the bird came out, and we held the front door open (Nora was too intent on getting her bird at the back door to notice) and chased it out of the house, where it flew to safety in the forsythia bush. I certainly hope it is too smart to let the Evil Kitty sneak up on it again!

Nora, the Evil One
"All yer birdies are belong to me!"



Luckily mine's only left me decapitated things on the porch, nothing brought in yet. Growing up we had a cat that would bring cicadas into the house and let them go. Good times!

Beth Collins

Yuck! At least Nora hasn't figured out the killing part ... she wants Daddy to have fun catching them too!

Arline Collins

All Pogo presents me with 1/2 to 3/4 eaten mice.
Think all Nora wants is to have fun watching Daddy running around chasing a bird.


Fluffy leaves me decapitated moles at the door. We shall have to see what Houdini and Porkchop will do.

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